Read about some prominent AI-powered business solutions below. Whether it’s a simple “yes or no” decision or a quantity to predict – bergamot_ai’s algorithms fit a wide range of complex business questions. Coupled with the integrated artificial intelligence, our easy to use tool solves a large variety of business challenges out of the box. In case your data-driven business challenge is not reflected yet, we will build it with you.


Product Personalization, Next Best Offer & Next Best Action

Use tabular CRM data to derive customer personas. Consequently build product experiences in e-commerce businesses around user personas. For instance, ensure users find the right product at the right time. Or, offer the product that most likely suits a customer’s interest – in both B2C or B2B solutions. And for long time clients, take best action to maximize sales potential. Like users’ demands, we know business problems vary. As a result, bergamot_ai is designed to adapt flexibly to your user-centric challenges. Put us to the test. Request a demo today.

User Churn Customer Churn Client Retention

Customer Churn & Retention

bergamot_ai learns patterns from existing data. That way, it can predict which clients leave. Not only will you get a likelihood for individual user churn or retention. Furthermore it gives explanation for its decision, based on your data. Most important, you will be able to identify customers with highest risk of churn and relate these against customer value. Finally decide which action to take for user retention with bergamot_ai.

Sales Stock Demand Forecast

Demand Forecast

Replace wasteful retail discounts with smart forecast of stock quantity and use data to reduce overstock. In addition, get insight on when customer purchases rise or fall during the week and year. Together with bergamot_ai, you adjust demand to sales more efficiently, reduce cost and maximize revenue. And even more so, the combination of multiple data sources leads to higher precision of AI model forecasts than standard models. Instead of one-size-fits-all market research statistics, use your own data for improved demand forecasts.

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