Gain Actionable Customer Insights Based On Your CRM Data.

Meet bergamot_ai – the user-friendly, no-code AI solution for marketing & sales data analytics.

Not a data scientist? Not a problem. Solve your data-driven business problem without a single line of code. bergamot_ai lets you apply machine learning techniques to your data in a few clicks.

Lift your customer understanding to reduce churn, boost sales, identify promising leads and more.

Minimize your time to insight with AI-driven customer analysis.

Automatic Data

bergamot_ai will bring your data into appropriate shape for model training. Don’t bother with one-hot encoding, normalization or individual treatment. Simply use your data as-is and let the advanced data understanding logic take over data prep. 

Automated Model

Effortlessly make use of cross validation, various metric optimization and hyper parameter tuning. Happening magically without a need to bother. Analyze your training run with standardized metrics as AUC, F1 score, even SHAP values.

Inference &
API Endpoint

Explain individual feature contribution to your model output. Understand how input variations affect output.
Easily derive actionable insights and serve models via REST endpoints.

Here’s how it works. 

Watch the short video for an exemplary use case. The video shows how to predict user churn from historic churn data.

bergamot_ai creates an artificial intelligence to recognize users with a high chance of churn. Our software also shows reasons for its choice (here: churn = yes/no) graphically to give you actionable insights. 

That’s only one of many examples showing what bergamot_ai can do for your business. Find more business solutions here.

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